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Sun Hwa Gearhart

Sun Hwa studied art privately in Korea where she mastered Oriental water color and painting in oils. She later traveled with her husband to Germany where she continued honing her skills and added acrylic painting to her abilities.

Upon arriving permanently in the United States, she continued her studies under the tutelage of Mickey Touchton, renowned in the Baltimore/Annapolis area as both a teacher and an artist.

While studying under Mrs. Touchton, she realized her true calling in art, wildlife and nature using the mixed media of pencils and acrylics.

The Artwork

Commissioned Portraits

Sun Hwa has successfully painted with oils, water colors, ink, pastel pencils and acrylics. She found that by using pastel pencils she could recreate very small details, no waiting time to dry, no external mixing of colors to create unique colors and very little clutter and odor. The last part was important because she had an adverse reaction to breathing oils. She learned how to combine pastel pencils to create new and unique colors that is one of the keys to her success. She has an unusual amount of patience which is required for her most uncommon artwork, not to mention a lot of pencil sharpeners.

Featured Artwork

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Sun Hwa will create your painting from photographs but the painting can only be as good as your photograph. The medium used is Acrylic and special Pastel pencils. A commission will normally take from 4 to 6 weeks depending on size and complexity. Each additional subject will increase the cost of the painting. The size of the painting will of course determine the cost. Individual photo’s can be combined on one painting.

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